FC has been equipped of a LED backlight panel to customize better the machine and ensure an appealing look.

Easily adapted to suit your needs, this multi-functional machine is perfect for granita, iced coffee and tea, semi-frozen and frozen desserts, cocktails, sorbets, sangria, lemonade and much, much more. thanks to the patented "total cold system, the product is kept at a constant temperature, right down to the very last drop, guaranteeing optimal product quality and minimal wastage.


>>NEW!! Also available with Propane R290.


big buisness
Big Biz is a multi business cold & frozen beverage dispenser, easy to useand clean. It offers great flexibility and takes up very little space. Big Biz will minimize your investment and maximize your profits with practically non-existent maintenance costs. Big Biz produces small quantity of granite enabling frequent change of flavours. Perfect for Italian granite, slush, frozen iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, sorbet, H D frozen yogurt, sangria, lemonade and much more. . Create your taste, invent new recipes!

soft pleasure to taste
It has been created for preparation and serving of creamy and delicious premium soft serve ice-cream and sorbetto, crema gelato, frozen yogurt, milk shakes and smoothies. Quick and easy to disassemble, the machine guarantees maximum hygiene for milk-based products. Equipped with an user-friendly electronic touch pad and patented dispensing system, 1 Qk provides portion control- led servings of approximately 70 grams(2.5 oz.)each. With its smooth design and large panels plenty of space for POS materials, it is perfect for every bar and restaurant.


From Elmeco’s archived experience, a new compact, capaciuos and efficient machine. It keeps all basic characteristics of assurance, easy use and cleanliness, it takes up little room on bench and..besides, it is equipped with a patented portion control serving system 1 Perfect for italian granita, slushies, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, sorbet, frozen yogurt , sangria, lemonade and much more... Create your taste, invent new recipes!


> Opzional: light PLUS version for models BL2


BLarge Plus
light up your buisness!
BLarge+ is a young but highly proficient machine, resulting
from Elmeco’s many years of experience in the field.
Highly reliable and compact, it still maintains all the
necessary technical features of Elmeco machines, plus
it has been equipped of a led lighting system to light up
the product in the tanks!