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From Elmeco’s archived experience, a new compact, capaciuos and efficient machine. It keeps all basic characteristics of assurance, easy use and cleanliness, it takes up little room on bench and..besides, it is equipped with a patented portion control serving system 1 Perfect for italian granita, slushies, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, sorbet, frozen yogurt , sangria, lemonade and much more… Create your taste, invent new recipes!

Height: 610mm
Width: 258mm
Depth: 476mm
Weight: 25kg
Capacity: 8lt
Power: 320w
Voltage frequency: 230/50 – 115/60volts

Height: 610mm
Width: 440mm
Depth: 476mm
Weight: 34kg
Capacity: 16lt
Power: 540w
Voltage frequency: 230/50 – 115/60volts

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