Elmeco Barman Course – 3rd edition Are you #readytomix?

The barman training project promoted by Elmeco starts again in spring: investing in the new generations, starting from the territory. The project is aimed at 20 selected pupils from five hotel management schools in Campania: Vittorio Veneto in Scampia (Naples), the Istituto Superiore Vincenzo Corrado in Castel Volturno, the Istituto Professionale Ippolito Cavalcanti (Naples), the Istituto Superiore Andrea Torrente and the Isis Ferraris in Caserta. The aim of the training project is to train, as in a gym, a group of students in the preparation of cocktails, thanks to the skills of professional bartender Francesco Conte.

The students will be taught the innovative #readytomix technique created by Elmeco and Francesco Conte, which involves mixing quality ingredients in the tank to prepare frozen cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

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