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Elmeco BSmart Slush cocktail


With credit management

Since the beginning of our history, when we invented the first slush machine, we aimed to renovate our idea of innovation every day. BSmart is the first multipurpose electronic machine with credit management and portion controls. You can recharge credit by using the provided electronic key Easy to use and clean, it offers great flexibility and takes up very little space on the counter. Perfect for italian granita, slush, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, sorbet, frozen yogurt , sangria, lemonade and much more…Create your taste, invent new recipes!

Elmeco QSmart


Modern design

QSmart is a multi-functional, machine that manages credit and portion control using a cashless, top-up system. Easy and quick to disassemble and clean, QSmart ensures maximum hygiene for milk-based products. Thanks to the user-friendly electronics and the patented dispensing system, the QS serves 70-gram, electronically measured portions. With a soft, attractive design and lots of customisable body shells, QS furnishes your bar or restaurant in style.

Elmeco FC2 M Refill


for First Class

Available for Elmeco models FCM- 2 &FCM-3

it is an additional system. Easy to set up on the existing (non-autofill) machine (retrofit).
Maximizes output production by keeping machine full and reinforces merchandizing effect by keeping machine’s bowls full at all times.
Eliminates potential human errors in process of premixing water and syrup.
No additional maintenance required.