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Elmeco FC2 M Refill


For First Class

Available for Elmeco models FCM-2 & FCM-3

it is an additional system. Easy to set up on the existing (non-autofill) machine (retrofit).
Maximizes output production by keeping machine full and reinforces merchandizing effect by keeping machine’s bowls full at all times.
Eliminates potential human errors in process of premixing water and syrup.
No additional maintenance required.

BOX height: 290mm
BOX width: 520mm
BOX depth: 600mm
BOX weight: 18kg
System: operating water pressures 50 PSI. [3.4 bar] MIN. / 125 PSI. [8.3 bar] MAX. ACCURACY: ± 3% of available ratio

equipped with: SHURFflo Brix Pumps with 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1 portions

equipped with: automatic cleaning and sterilising valves

contains: pumps, tubes and solenoids in one box
power cable: included (110V/60Hz)

automatic alarm: if syrup runs out or water pressure is insufficient provided

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