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Elmeco in fiera

ELMECO Ltd., was founded in 1961 by the inspired vision of Salvatore Cortese, founder and creator of the first Granita-maker machine in the World. The company offers advanced solutions for Soft Drinks, Cold Cream, Cocktails Base products and much more, finding an excellent feedback also in the Horeca sector. Over the years Cortese patented and developed an efficient processing system that made his products unique in the market. Combining an advanced technology system and an environment protection’s policy, Elmeco first conquered Europe and later landed successfully in the international market. Along with the expansion of distribution channels, the need to be closer to customers overseas has grown, for this reason Elmeco decided to establish a second office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Elmeco’s business not only has arrived up to America, Russia and Japan. Elmeco has launched also relations with the Philippines, Turkey, Taiwan and Malaysia markets. More than products Elmeco offers customized and efficient solutions. The validity and the quality of the products are demonstrated by the growing collaborations at international level. More and more partners are enthusiastic to choose Elmeco thanks to the punctuality and the reliability of the techincal service and support. Work with dedication made today Elmeco leader in its sector.

Our Mission

The company’s MISSION is based on the philosophy of its founder, Salvatore Cortese, which is well represented by a quote from Newton: “when I see an object, I can’t help but think how I can make it better”. Our products want to express that originality, style and attention to detail that can propose them as exclusive and boutique-like. We try to adopt the maximum listening capacity by developing “big ears and big eyes”.