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ReadyToMix contains innovations in the preparation of frozen cocktails and in the creation of all recipes, from classic to fantasy. Drinks can be transformed and reinterpreted because it involves preparing a perfectly balanced base for creating cocktails. In fact, what melts during drinking is not the ice, which would dilute and alter the drink, but the drink itself.


The tools of the #Readytomix barman

The key ingredient in a #Readytomix cocktail is an Elmeco machine
– which mixes, dilutes and chills – the drink, and, obviously, you also need a barman!
This professional mixing technique uses a harmonious balance of sugar, water and alcohol, which is prepared, directly in the tank, so it’s always ready to drink and can be quickly served, right in front of the client.Alongside the Elmeco drink machines, a section of the recipe book also proposes some updated ideas for using the Jigger, Strainer and Tucano machines.

Kit strumenti Elmeco

Elmeco's Machines


Big Biz per cocktail frozen

Elmeco QK

Quickcream for frozen dessert



Umberto Cortese

Direttore Generale di Elmeco e
co-inventore della tecnica #readytomix


Francesco Conte

Barman conosciuto in Italia e all'estero.
Proprietario dello Shaker Club & Dream

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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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ReadyToMix by Elmeco is an innovative mixing technique for preparing frozen cocktails with Elmeco equipment that allows you to create an infinite number of classic or invented cocktails directly in the tank. To create or adapt a recipe with the Ready To Mix, first of all you will need to find the right balance of ingredients and elements that make up a cocktail: i.e. bitter (citrus fruits), sweet (syrups or cream liqueurs),”strong”(alcohols) and “weak” (diluents, like fruit juice or soda). As a rule, a good guideline is the one used for Punch! You should always check you’ve got the right balance before pouring the cocktail mixture into the machine, i.e. before it becomes frozen, which will lower the alcohol level.

Colours, aroma, flavour, quality and wellbeing: fresh fruits and seasonal produce are much better than their substitutes like concentrates and pre-packed products!

We’re often asked about how to simplify or adapt a recipe, like substituting an ingredient or products that can be used to replace homemade smoothies or syrups. It would take much too long to describe them all here so, if you have any questions, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you with your recipes!

For all homemade ingredients we usually provide instructions in the recipe book, but if you want to discover other tips and tricks on how to flavour or change a syrup recipe we’re always here to help!

Decorations are an important finishing touch that give each cocktail its distinctive look. They can be purely aesthetic or even conceptual and there are various factors that will help you decide what to use. For an elegant and simple finish, you can use contrasting elements in different shapes or colours. Alternatively, you can also use one or more of the ingredients in the cocktail recipe or opt for something a bit more complex and elaborate. Drop me a line if you’d like to see some examples or want advice on a specific drink.