“It was an idea that had been in my head for a long time. I whispered it to Alessandra, who immediately translated it into a magical moment. We managed to combine work and pleasure. So we met up with our salespeople in our beloved Procida. We found ourselves discussing new projects, our clients and new opportunities. The thing we were most passionate about was finding ways to convey our working ideas and even our vision of the world through our products. We talked freely and gave birth to ideas. We shared experiences: Matteo from the USA, Alessandra from Europe, me “Umberto” with those from Asia and Africa, Stefano and Massimo with those from Southern Italy. With us were also the new entry Marco, who will try to expand sales in central and northern Italy, and Anna, the team’s social-media manager, who had the task of listening and reporting on everything our minds had produced. Of course it was not only work and discussion, we also set the sails of “Baguette” ( My sailing boat ) to circumnavigate Procida. A small and fierce crew, ready to set sail for ambitious goals…”.