An ecological route

The fair is over, and we feel all the fatigue on our shoulders, but also the satisfaction of the many expressions of esteem and compliments received. Elmeco has hit the target: to communicate to the world our concrete intention to undertake a path of sustainability, launching a message of deep respect for the environment and therefore for people. The journey through the products ended in a play of natural colours with which what we might call a “Frozen cocktail station” was garnished, where by station we mean a place where the traveller stops to refresh himself, chat, smile and then set off again. The Elmeco stand surprised everyone, including us. Made of recycled cardboard: furniture, bar counter, wall, tables and chairs. Recycling does not only mean reusing but also changing life in a new form and function. Isn’t that what we do every day? What an idea. We and our customers felt at ease, because being environmentally friendly is good for you, and good for your soul. This matched our new products built to save energy and last longer: Eco First Class, Big Biz and Quickream Smart. A break with a coffee, a cocktail, the colours of an ice cream, they accompany the important moments in our lives.